In-vitro toxicology and drug discovery


In-vitro toxicology and drug discovery


Sharpen your discovery and investigation processes

If you work in cell therapy, cancer research or regenerative medicine, then accurately analyzing the response of 3D live cell cultures like spheroids, organoids, and microtissues is essential.

Measure the response of 3D live cell cultures, label free

MRS technology allows researchers to obtain a biochemical reading of tissues and organs non-invasively.

Now, for the very first time, ANNAIDA is taking MRS technology down to the micro-scale. Our pioneering micro-MRS device, EmbryoSpin, helps researchers to non-invasively capture the metabolic fingerprint of live 3D cell samples down to 50 microns in size.

EmbryoSpin is designed to give a reliable and quick read-out of live cell cultures’ biochemical status and response to environmental stimuli and stress. It provides a comprehensive data set, both qualitative and quantitative, completely label-free.


Achieve more, with one simple test

With EmbryoSpin, you can dynamically select, characterize and measure your cell cultures. Drug discovery kinetics can be performed on the same sample, reducing the volume of cells your lab needs to generate for experimentation. With a straightforward test, Annaida aims to help you ensure sample homogeneity, more reproducible experimental read-outs, and extended observation timelines.

Drive speed and efficacy

Researchers can place multiple cultures EmbryoSpin and connect the device to a magnet for analysis. Results are seamlessly delivered with one reliable and comprehensive dataset, eliminating the need for numerous cumbersome techniques and tests. The time required to analyze your culture varies in function of the sample set. In the case of embryo analysis, results on the metabolic fingerprint of the embryo are delivered within one hour.

Easy to integrate into any lab

Our micro-MRS solution EmbryoSpin can be quickly and seamlessly integrated into any laboratory environment. It can be used as an add-on to an existing or newly purchased magnet. Thanks to its plug-and-play setup and small size, it can easily fit in a small dedicated space inside the lab. Get in touch to discover how EmbryoSpin can be of value in your lab!