What makes us different

EmbryoSpin sensor

EmbryoSpin sensors

EmbryoSpin is the first NMR sensor capable of operation at the embryo scale! Robust and easy to use, delivers state-of-art sensitivities to study microscopic samples.

CMOS microchip

CMOS technology

CMOS chips are at the base of EmbryoSpin. Thanks to its versatile properties, CMOS chips allow for compact and permorming implementations of NMR systems.

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Personalized service

Every customer is unique: we help you design a solution for your application. With custom systems we can accomodate a large variety of samples and needs!

EmbryoSpin sensor under microscope

Demonstrated performance

EmbryoSpin has been used to measure NMR profiles of microorganisms and 3D cell cultures (from human cell lines and mouse stem cells). Our CMOS chips have enabled compact magnetometers and spectrometers. Find out more!

One technology, many applications!

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Perform NMR at an unprecedented scale with EmbryoSpin probes. Easy to operate, adaptable to length scales from 50 to 1000 μm!

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Drug Discovery

With NMR we can non-invasively determine vital physiology of microscopic samples and monitor their progress without labels. We can measure dynamic evolution of 3D organoids to support drug development studies.

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Hardware development

Use our CMOS microchips to improve the performance of your NMR system! We design all the active electronics needed for a compact NMR probe. We also designs electronic boards containing TX/RX systems ready to be used with your micro-coils.

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Annaida is now focusing on developing a human embryo assay based on metabolic non-invasive screening. With EmbryoSpin we can look at the chemistry INSIDE embryos in a completely non-invasive way! This will allow IVF clinics to monitor culture conditions, as well as perform a more informed choice on which embryo is best to transfer to obtain a pregnancy.